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Gaming continue to develop grow and be better as it brings us a whole new experience

in football!


KONAMI and UEFA (European Football Association, also known as the European Football Association) have concluded an exclusive partnership, and ” World Football Match 2020 ” will therefore become the official 2020 European Cup of Nations video game to be held next year.


KONAMI will also release free download content (DLC) of the new game World Football Match 2020 in the second quarter of 2020 .


In addition to the agreement with UEFA , more than 50 national football associations and their national teams, including Portugal, the current champion, were included when the World Football Match 2020 was released.

This license agreement also represents that the game itself and the upcoming 2020 European Nations Cup DLC will be the first to include faithfully presented national team jerseys,

team logos and players before the real world competition scheduled for June 2020.

the  UEFA’s Director of Marketing, Guy Laurent-Epstein said: “We are pleased to continue to expand our partnership with KONAMI. The 2020 European Nations Cup gives us the opportunity to build closer relationships and allow us to create exciting new Way to interact with each other ’s fans around the world. ”

In addition, they will launch the UEFA eEURO 2020 Championship, which is a new e- sports competition that is uniquely opposed to the ” World Football Competition 2020 “, and will be represented by players from the European Football Associations. The tournament will begin with an online qualifying match. The top 16 teams selected at this stage will compete between the semifinals and the finals of the 2020 European Nations Cup and compete for the throne at a physical conference in London, England.


authorized national football associations along with the new formed partnership anticipate that this championship, which takes e-sports as the core of cooperation, will bring a lot of audiences to the fast-growing e- sports and the World Football Competition 2020 imagine how exciting is that for everyone .

” World Football Tournament 2020 ” is expected to be released in Asia on September 10, 2019. It supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC STEAM platforms. Pre-orders are currently available, including different editions, including the 2 exclusive package Standard Edition and LEGEND EDITION.

The official DLC for the 2020 European Nations Cup will be released for free on all platforms in the second quarter of 2020. More details about the gameplay and corresponding scope will be released next year.


stay tuned for more news and update on the new updates for the 2020 European nations cup

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