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A shocking news hits the world today as the spread of the novel corona virus grows

various events are canceled due to rapid spread of the virus! along with the famous sports leagues!


The NBA Season is currently canceled for the time being due to a player having positive result of the novel corona virus


days before the results we see Rudy Gobert a center from utah jazz

was joking around during a media interview touching the mic and equipment in the conference room..

days after the incident the players results came up positive!


a tweet from Eric Walden

“As part of the Jazz’s COVID-19 response, shootaround availability was done in the ZBBC media room today rather than on the court. As Rudy Gobert got finished discussing the situation, he stood up, leaned over and made it a point to touch every mic and recorder in front of him”


to prevent the virus from spreading NBA officials decided to suspend their season for the moment


and players from utah jazz are quarantined for a few days for safe measures.


let’s all hope for this tragic crisis to end soon..

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