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According to head coach Thomas Tuhel, Neymar’s ability to participate in Paris Saint-Germain against Dortmund in the first round of the UEFA Champions League final 16 is questionable.

Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dijon 6-1 in the French Cup quarterfinals on Wednesday. Neymar did not play because of a rib injury.

Tuhel said after the game: “Dijon was very active at the beginning, took a lot of risks and put in a lot of effort. Our attention is also focused, and we are fighting for the second spot.”

“We were very careful, but we were able to speed up the pace. We were very patient and played very quickly. It was easy and created space in the second half. We controlled the game and scored two more goals soon.”

Asked about Neymar after the game, Tuchel told reporters: “I can’t say he can play 100% against Dortmund.”

“We will discuss and make a decision on Friday. This is the latest possible time. We cannot risk his health.”

Tuhel added: “Obviously, we do not risk against Amiens. We will have a strong team, but if we have no doubts, we will not take risks.”

Paris Saint-Germain has won eight games in a row and leads by 12 points in the Ligue 1 standings.

Tuchel’s side will play away against Amiens on Saturday before heading to Germany against Dortmund.

In the past three seasons, the Ligue 1 champions have been out in the Champions League semi-finals, and this year they will do their best to avoid similar exits.

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