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PSV is one of the first clubs in the Benelux to confirm an agreement with an Asian-focused online bookmaker. Wellbet will serve as its’ Asian Betting Partner for three seasons. Wellbet are a market leader in sports betting and will be PSV’s Official Asian Betting Partner from 1st January 2018 until June 2020.

By establishing this partnership, Wellbet aims for growth across the Asian market. Wellbet  was previously the Official Asian presenting sponsor of Serie A in Italy.

PSV’s CEO, Toon Gerbrands, confirmed the partnership with Wellbet, stating: “It is generally known that PSV has been exploring sponsorship possibilities from the sports betting market for some time. In addition this shifts our sponsor strategy to markets outside Europe, and Asia is undoubtedly a very interesting market. That’s why we got in touch with Wellbet. We are delighted to welcome Welllbet as our official Asian betting partner and look forward to this pan-Asian co-operation.”

Wellbet’s Director of Communications, Mark Lu, said: “We faithfully believe that the co-operation between PSV and Wellbet will be a perfect alliance. Wellbet and PSV share the same corporate colour identity, this synergy is perfect proof of our common understanding and passion for the game of football. Wellbet is a top-ranking brand in the field of sport and entertainment in Asia. We recognize PSV’s rich history of success in Holland and European club football and also acknowledge that PSV is often the breeding ground for many future stars of the game. Together, we look forward to this exciting partnership.”

About Wellbet
Wellbet entered the online entertainment Industry in 2012. It is fast becoming the premier online entertainment site in Asia, with a wide variety of online products and the best customer experience in its’ field.

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