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European Cup may be postponed for one year due to the fast spread of the corona virus

Facing the growing epidemic in Europe,

UEFA is considering delaying the 2020 European Cup by one year and holding it next summer.

Italy “All Sports” said that although UEFA insisted in public that the European Cup will be held as scheduled,

some host countries have issued a request to UEFA, hoping to postpone the competition until next summer.

Do it again next summer?

According to the original plan,

the European Cup will be held from June 12 to July 12 this year.

Multiple cities in 12 European countries will be hosting this competition.

However, with the spread of the corona virus in Europe, Italy, Spain, France and other countries are troubled. It is unknown whether the competition can be held as scheduled.

It is reported that UEFA is currently preparing relevant records and discussing relocating the game from some cities affected by the virus to other regions. As for the European Cup ’s postponement of one year,

UEFA officials have been reluctant to talk too much in public.

let’s all hope for everyone’s safety for this tragedy


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