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Today 12.19.2019

We officially launch the new entertainment site WELLBET Official 

Giving visitor the latest sports news on different leagues such as

Basketball( NBA, FIBA , Seagames, CBA ,Euro League Basketball )

Soccer ( PSV, La-liga, UEFA, SeriaA, Bundesliga )

Table Tennis (ITTF )

and more..


Detailed information of the latest wellbet games and tutorials on how to play and register

Casino Games:

AG Games: (Baccarat , Sicbo , Dragons and Tigers)

EA Games: (Baccarat , Sicbo , Dragons and Tigers,Roulette)

GD games: (Roulette, Baccarat)


Other Games:

Keno, Fu-Fish and PT slot machine games


With the top innovating games of WELLBET!


Have a view of the latest promotions and sponsors

of the famous netherland league Psv and popular italy league Seria A


Visti WELLBET Now!

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