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A lot of great soccer players in the world per every team

here are the top 10 list from wellbet


10.Zlatan Ibrahimovic (A.C Milan)

The Swedish footballer who has a record of 31 throphies

in his career in football


9.Luis Suarez ( Barcelona)

Uruguayan player of Barcelona earn a spot

with his team work and ability to shift his game in

certain game scenarios


8.Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

The Versatile German footballer

having the agility and finesse to earn the top list


7.Eden Hazard (Real Madrid)

The Belgian Captain is one of the best players in the world

for his creativity dedication and leadership


6.Paul Pogba (Manchester)

the french pro dedicates his skill defensively in the midfields

with his dual skills he can do good in defense and offense


5.Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

The hurricane as a good player in the field he is also

a good leader for his team


4.Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

The Egyptian player is one of the leagues greatest

with his speed foot work and finishing skills!


3.Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

a very young players to deliver good plays in the football field

made him in the top lists


2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus F.C.)

with his offensive strength and ability to make goals for his team

makes him one of the top players in the list

his is not far ahead from the number one spot and one of the

greatest players of all time


1. Lionel Messi(FC Barcelona)


The Argetine footballer takes the Crown for the number 1 spot

for having a spectacular records on every league

and his god like ball handling skills and scoring ability he earned

the number 1 title.



what is your opinion about wellbet top 10

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