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for the most questions ask by people is

what is Wellbet ?


giving a quick information about wellbet

wellbet is a online gaming website for mobile and desktop

where players can enjoy various games

such as:

-Live casino games (Baccarat,Poker,Black Jack)

-Sports Book where you can play odds

on betting on your favorite team on basketball Soccer and other sports!

-Keno/ Lottery where you can win the jackpot prize

-FU fish where you can gain prizes by catching rare fishes

-Slot machine games- where you can win big prizes by matching and spinning


and a lot more update on the new and upcoming games for everyone’s entertainment




Free Register ?


you can start playing by creating an account for free

you can follow the guide lines in our tutorial page


Payment method?

you can either use atm cards Counter in banks and online payment (we chat pay, ali pay)

to use as a credit in your account


Customer support ?

For Customer Support and concerns you may send us an email found in the website or through social media


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